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Grouch in a Pouch

Grouch in a Pouch

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Each Grouch and his pouch is hand-made from high-quality materials with love and an eye to detail, making every one unique!

This Christmas Grouch is dressed in a Christmas outfit and comes with a red pouch. Velcro pads on his hands allow him to hang from branches on the Christmas, coat hangers in your cupboard or anywhere else you can image!

A fun Christmas character who is hanging around the house or hiding in his pouch and keeping an eye out for those who are being naughty and those who are being nice.

The Grouch in a pouch, wasn’t always a grouch
He was actually quite happy 'til one day he went ouch!
It was nearing to Christmas- he couldn’t wait for Santa to come
But, the Grouch was doing something he shouldn’t have done
He fell off a table - with a crash and a bang
He fell right into a bright green tin paint can!
The paint flew in the air and onto his face, 
it flew everywhere and went all over the place
He tried to clean saying “I’ll do the best that I can!”
But by accident he made a far greater mess
All at home were not very impressed
They said just wait until Santa sees what you have done
Everyone will get presents but you’ll get none…
On that fateful morning he was saddened to see coal waiting for him
under the Christmas tree
His parents just said “you should’ve listened to me” 
So he sat and he thought about what he could do
“I know!” he thought, and he got all the rest
Of that bright green paint, from that green paint tin can
He painted his body, from bottom to top
Then gathered red fabric, from his fabric shop
He sewed up a pouch, just the perfect size
So he could fit in and be cosy inside
He wanted to help keep an eye on the children
To make sure they didn't spend time not listening and fooling
So maybe one day, if they looked at his face 
before they did something, or played in a place
they shouldn’t be in, they might see his grimace 
And remember, “I shouldn’t be doing what it is that I’m doing
I may end hurting, breaking or spilling.”
So Grouch in a pouch is a friendly reminder 
be careful and cautious with what you are doing
So he doesn’t tell or report to somebody,
Like Santa Claus, or daddy or mommy 
If it’s good that you’re doing, he’ll be happy to see
If you’re doing what you shouldn’t,
you may have coal under your Christmas tree
So when you see Grouch, try to remember
To be on your best behaviour, for 25 December


(Grouch in a Pouch © Heidi Du Toit - Hollywood Costumes) (Lyrics © Paul Hodgson & Rixie Campbell)
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